Find out more about our bespoke education software development services from @DerventioEdu #software #development #edchat

Find out more about our bespoke education software development services from @DerventioEdu #software #development #edchat

Bespoke Education Development • Derventio Education - Derventio Education

Bespoke Education Development • Derventio Education

Education software to make institutions more efficient and effective

  • Intuitive education solutions – We carefully plan how users will interact and use the software ensuring it is easy to use for all staff in your school, college or university
  • Innovative ideas – We draw from a wealth of experience (almost 30 years in fact) to offer ideas to help you to decide what you want from your software. We ensure it is at the forefront of education technology and is agile enough to evolve with the ever changing education landscape
  • Feature rich – specifically designed with your requirements in mind, integrating with any existing education systems that you have in place, making your processes seamless and more efficient
  • Accessible - We champion accessibility, ensuring any software we create can be used across any device meaning your staff can get access whenever and wherever they are

 Solution creation – We can create a range of solutions to either simplify or improve existing education systems or develop truly bespoke software for your institutions needs. We can offer solutions for:

  • Bespoke education website development, providing rich functionality which can be managed all in one place
  • Content driven websites for education using multiple CMS including Umbraco and Wordpress - putting you in control of your website
  • E-learning solutions or E-learning platforms (VLEs)
  • Integration with existing software such as MIS systems or platforms such as Moodle
  • Develop central interfaces to connect and simplify a number of education software applications in one place, allowing you to easily manage processes, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Buying and data management systems to digitise education intuitions’ processes

A helping hand – If you want us to develop a solution and leave it with you, that’s no problem but if you’d rather we continued to give you a helping hand, that’s fine too! We offer a range of comprehensive customer support services including; training, telephone and online support, customer care, and of course secure hosting based here in the UK.

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