"Our staff now have the onus to take the lead on their own appraisal and CPD."

Malmesbury School

We recently spoke to Jennifer Howe who is an Assistant Headteacher at Malmesbury School. This is a large secondary school with a sixth form located in Wiltshire. Here, SchooliP has been used for five years and previously another electronic performance management system was in place. However, SchooliP was found to be a much more comprehensive system.

Having everything in one place means that there is an easy overview. SchooliP represents a speedy system for setting up and signing off targets. Staff now have the onus to take the lead on their own appraisal and CPD.

Jennifer Howe - Assistant Headteacher - Malmesbury School

Objectives - SchooliP

We asked Jennifer, how SchooliP was initially received at the school.

Honestly speaking, there was some discontent at first. Some staff were reluctant to log in; however, training helped to ease any concerns. Naturally, some staff will use the system more than others. However, it gives a real opportunity for staff to upload evidence and display their achievements.

Activity Feed - SchooliP

Five years of using SchooliP at Malmesbury School has seen an effective long term relationship where the software has evolved over time.

Version 8 of SchooliP is very user friendly and represents a much improved system. Staff feel happy to use SchooliP and several teachers now use it to record their progress throughout the year, not just for appraisal. We have found that maintaining a consistent SLT lead for whole-school appraisal has enabled our staff to build up confidence in using the software. From experience, running annual training is very beneficial as it keeps new staff up to date with the system and acts as a refresher for those who need a reminder.

Finally, we asked Jennifer what she would say to another school if they were considering SchooliP.

I would advise the leadership team to consider all the elements of SchooliP. There is a lot it can offer, especially with joining up appraisals and CPD.


It is apparent that SchooliP is having a positive effect on Malmesbury School. If you would like to experience the benefits that are enjoyed by Jennifer Howe and her colleagues, please do get in touch. Our sales team can be contacted on 0333 0433 450 or info@derventioeducation.com. Alternatively, click here to arrange an onsite or online demonstration of SchooliP.

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