“An all encompassing school/staff development and improvement tool.”

Manor Farm Community Junior School

Here Andrew Sierant Headteacher of Manor Farm Community Junior School answers a series of questions regarding our performance management software SchooliP.


How did you manage your appraisals and professional development prior to introducing SchooliP?

Everything was paper based with copies stored online. For staff it was a paper chasing task that they needed to be on top of. It was not efficient or as productive as the appraisal system should have been. I had to trawl through individual files with staff information to then produce reports for governors. Overall, it was an unwieldy process.

Andrew Sierant - Headteacher - Manor Farm Community Junior School

How did you first hear about SchooliP and why did you choose it for your school?

I came across SchooliP at a BETT exhibition. A better system was desired to 'manage' appraisals and to get away from it being a paper chase. Also, I wanted staff to take more responsibility for their own development and to have somewhere that they could record CPD and evidence towards targets set. In some cases, for staff to even remember their actual objectives/targets! I wanted SchooliP to enable all personal development information related, to all members of staff in the school to be stored in one easy to access location.

What benefits do you now see as a result of implementing SchooliP?

Everything is now in one place. I can look at each individual member of staff whenever I want and see how they are progressing towards objectives/targets set, and in some cases remind a member of staff that they do not have anything recorded! The information shows how objectives/targets link to the School Development Plan (SDP) and how the evidence on there supports the Self Evaluation Form. I can produce reports that inform governors and provides information for the Pay Review Committee. It acts as a great starting point in conversations that I have with staff in appraisal meetings. It also helps staff prepare for these discussions. Staff have taken more responsibility for their own development. Governors use the software for recording my objectives and how I am meeting them. Professional standards have been added for our teaching assistants and administration staff. We use SchooliP for all of our staff body.

How have staff received SchooliP?

Staff have embraced it and all make good use of it. In a way they have to, as they need to input information to be a part of the appraisal meetings. Records of CPD undertaken are much more accurate than before. Overall, it has improved the appraisal/development process.

The entire process of CPD can be managed by using SchooliP

What specific results have you seen from implementing SchooliP in your school?

More focused and direct appraisal discussions, saving time and both parties having a better understanding of what staff have achieved, and steps to develop further. It has saved me time and organised me to be better prepared for appraisals. It has allowed us as a school to ensure that targets/objectives set are supporting school improvement.

What has been the secret to the success of performance management in your school? 

It is as good as you want to make it. I did not try to use it to do everything it can do immediately. As my usage and knowledge of the system has developed, I have started to use more features.

Which feature of SchooliP do you find most helpful and why?

Being able to have staff assess themselves against their relevant standards was a great way to engage staff in SchooliP and provided a focus for starting appraisal discussions. Showing how targets/objectives link to the SDP provides evidence that we are all working together in improving the school.

What would you tell another school if they were considering SchooliP?

If you would like an online system that addresses staff appraisal and development then SchooliP does that for you. It saves time and helps reduce my workload, as well as staff workloads in general. It is backed up by online, telephone and even one to one support from Derventio Education. The system gives value for money; the more you make use of it, the better that value is.

Describe SchooliP in no more than 10 words.

An all encompassing school/staff development and improvement tool.



Lastly we asked Andrew if he had any further comments regarding SchooliP.

I recently had Derventio Education come into school and give me some support. This involved walking me through various aspects of the system...even the ones that I had forgotten. This was invaluable and there was no additional cost!

We are delighted that Andrew has given such a positive account of his experience in using SchooliP. We pride ourselves on delivering satisfaction to our customers and listening to their needs. If you would like to experience the school improvement benefits that are being enjoyed by Manor Farm Community Junior School, please make contact with our sales team. Our sales team can be contacted on 0333 0433 450 or info@derventioeducation.com. Alternatively, click here to arrange an onsite or online demonstration of SchooliP.

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