"Improvement is more likely to happen with SchooliP and teachers are more aware of their own practice."

Mapledene Primary School

Mapledene Primary School, in Birmingham, has 370 pupils on roll. Headteacher, Jackie Stephenson shares her experience of using our school improvement tool, SchooliP.

How do you use SchooliP?

We are using SchooliP more and more. We use it to assess and appraise all of our teachers and teaching assistants. The system helps the whole school to focus on improvement. We have added our own observations forms and they are related to Ofsted criteria. Plans are afoot to add our school development plan and we are now much better at monitoring. Reporting to Governors is very straightforward as we are constantly gathering effective evidence.

Jackie Stephenson - Headteacher - Mapledene Primary School

SchooliP - Lesson Observation Form

Does SchooliP help you to develop your staff?

Yes, it definitely does! The colour-coded pie charts in SchooliP are very effective. The colours act as motivation as our staff dislike having orange and red sections. There is a real desire to move to good and outstanding practice. Previously, appraisal feedback would have a short-term impact where it would occupy a teacher’s thoughts for a few days. Now, our staff are constantly aware of their performance in a positive way.

SchooliP - Standards

Has this led to an improvement in standards?

Overall standards have improved as a result of staff development facilitated by SchooliP. Staff are now more aware of each others’ strengths and this has led to an increase in collaboration. Now, staff are more willing to ask for help.


Do you have any further comments?

Improvement is more likely to happen with SchooliP and teachers are more aware of their own practice. SchooliP’s customer care team is always helpful and we receive immediate help which is a huge strength of the product. Having centralised appraisals has helped to get all of our staff engaged, and we are on the same page.

We are delighted that Jackie and her colleagues at Mapledene Primary School are enjoying such a positive experience with SchooliP. If you would like to find out more about our software, please get in touch. We would be delighted to arrange an onsite demonstration of SchooliP for you. Please contact our sales advisors on 0333 0433 450 or info@derventioeducation.com. Alternatively, click here to arrange a demonstration.

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