"SchooliP is intuitive there is a real emphasis on skill development."

Pipers Corner School

Pipers Corner School is an independent day school for girls aged 4 to 18 in Great Kingshill, Buckinghamshire. Caroline Derbyshire is an Assistant Head and is responsible for overseeing SchooliP. Our solution provides comprehensive performance management for Caroline and her colleagues. SchooliP centralises the appraisal process and links individual staff targets to the School Development Plan and Departmental Development Plans.

Our staff have always had appraisals. Although prior to the introduction of SchooliP, they were a tick box exercise. Now our Professional Review and Development (PDR) process is a rigorous exercise that is working effectively. Every member of staff has three objectives. One relating to our overall development plan, another concerning their department and the final objective is a personal target.

Caroline Derbyshire - Assistant Head - Pipers Corner School

SchooliP - Objectives

The personalised approach is helping staff engage and direct their professional development. Caroline is a passionate believer in coaching and holds a Level 5 diploma in Coaching and Mentoring in the workplace. The school has adopted a coaching philosophy to aid the development of their staff.

We utilise the language of coaching and mentoring when carrying out our performance management. I have spent time with our Heads of Department who have then introduced coaching to their departments. This has led to a change in mentality and there is a real emphasis on skill development.

Caroline was pleased to report that the school was increasingly using the functionality SchooliP as everyone could see the benefits of the system.

SchooliP is intuitive and we are using it a lot from staff and leadership perspectives. Initially, we only used it to carry out basic appraisals. However; we were really surprised with what it can do. We are now developing the system to incorporate our school improvement planning, monitoring and professional development.

Pipers Corner School enjoy a full data integration service via their iSAMS management information system. As a result, all staff information is automatically synced from iSAMS into SchooliP. This improves efficiency and alleviates the need for time-consuming data entry for Caroline and her colleagues. You can find more about this excellent service here.

We are proud to assist Pipers Corner School in their SchooliP journey. It is evident that they are planning for the future and Caroline is utilising SchooliP to add value to their development processes. 

If you would like to experience the benefits that have been enjoyed by Pipers Corner School and Caroline Derbyshire, please get in touch. Our sales team can be contacted on 0333 0433 450 or info@derventioeducation.com. Alternatively, click here to arrange an onsite or online demonstration of SchooliP.

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