"Without it, we would be doing more paperwork and it has reduced workloads for line-managers."

Priory School

Priory School in Croydon is a local authority maintained special school for 123 boys and girls with severe learning difficulties, including autism. Here, Information Technology Manager, Joe Merrell discusses how SchooliP is proving to be a very valuable tool for staff at the Priory School, initially for appraisals. The school is planning to use the full functionality to incorporate school development planning, self-evaluation, observations/monitoring activities and professional development.

Where would be without SchooliP and how has it been received?

Without it, we would be doing a lot more paperwork and it has reduced workloads for line-managers. We are aware that some fine-tuning is still required; however, our teaching assistants will soon be joining our teachers in using the system. Already, we have a good understanding of SchooliP and we are using it more, and more!

Joe Merrell - Information Technology Manager - Priory School

Has SchooliP led to an improvement of standards throughout the school?

Tracking the teachers’ standards has enabled line-managers to effectively review their teachers’ performance. Teachers then self-evaluate their skill set and are able to link relevant evidence to the standards. This has led to productive discussions about staff development and improving standards across the school.

Priory School - SchooliP - Teachers' Standards

How instrumental has SchooliP been in developing staff?

Our whole appraisal process is managed via SchooliP meaning each member of staff has their own personal portfolio. This is currently just for teachers and will be expanding to teaching assistants, and then hopefully everyone else. All of our observations and developmental learning walks are recorded on SchooliP. Our middle and senior leadership teams enjoy an effective overview of staff performance. This will potentially be very useful for future performance related pay discussions. CPD is also managed in SchooliP where staff can request and review training courses.

Priory School - SchooliP - Observations

Have you enjoyed any cost savings with SchooliP and what other benefits are you enjoying?

We now have much less paperwork. SchooliP is much better than our previous approach. Having all of our performance management data centralised in one place means that we can quickly access the information we require. This is very beneficial in meetings as all data is displayed in an easy to follow format.

We are absolutely delighted that SchooliP is proving to be so useful. Priory School also enjoy a full data integration service with Wonde. As a result, all staff information is automatically synced from their management information system into SchooliP. This improves efficiency and alleviates the need for time-consuming data entry for Joe and his colleagues. Wonde support all major MIS systems and more information about this excellent service can be found here.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of SchooliP, please get in touch. Our sales team can be contacted on 0333 0433 450 (option 2) or info@derventioeducation.com. Alternatively, please click here to arrange a demonstration.

Priory School - SchooliP

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