“I would highly recommend it as a Senior Management tool.”

St Godric's RC Primary School

We recently spoke to Catherine Craig who is Headteacher of St Godric's RC Primary School in Durham. The school is home to just over 100 pupils and Catherine and her team enjoy SchooliP for just £595* per year. We asked Catherine a series of questions on how she finds using our appraisal software.

How did you manage your appraisals and professional development before SchooliP?

We used a great deal of paperwork and form filling. The teachers used files to store the evidence that was needed to show that they had achieved each objective. This was time consuming and required a great deal of printing and paperwork.

Catherine Craig - Headteacher - St Godric's RC Primary School

Objectives - SchooliP

How did you first hear about SchooliP and why did you choose it for your school?

I heard about it through a colleague who was very impressed with the ease at which information could be stored, interpreted and shared with those needing to access it. I also liked the way that there was less printing and paper trails to undertake.

 What benefits do you now see as a result of implementing SchooliP?

SchooliP has allows staff to store their evidence more easily by uploading documentation. All staff members and governors can access the relevant documentation with ease and in their own time. There is no longer a need for large files to be stored year on year.

 How have staff received SchooliP?

All staff like SchooliP as it has freed them up to undertake tasks of greater importance such as planning and assessment.


What specific results have you seen from implementing SchooliP in your school?

The evidence provided is of a higher quality. The information stored is more relevant and governors and staff are more likely to access the information more regularly. Less photocopying costs and less paper being bought. A great money saver!

Teachers' Standards - SchooliP

What has been the secret to the success of performance management in your school?

Ensuring that the staff are fully involved within the whole process and they are able to select the relevant evidence by uploading the documentation.


Which feature of SchooliP do you find most helpful and why?

I specifically like the school improvement plan. It is very helpful to be able to track the progress of each area of development. It keeps all staff and governors informed of developments. Staff too can get involved in their role as subject leaders and see what needs to be done and what already has been achieved.

What would you tell another school if they were considering SchooliP?

I would highly recommend it as a Senior Management tool.



Describe SchooliP in no more than 10 words.

SchooliP is revolutionary and liberating!



This endorsement from Catherine reinforces the fact that SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage staff appraisal in schools. For schools with less than 200 pupils, we are able to offer SchooliP for just £595* per year. This represents excellent value as your school development plan, self evaluation and performance management can be effectively integrated within SchooliP for just over £10 per week.

SchooliP caters for schools and trusts of all sizes and our pricing structure reflects this. We would be delighted to tell you more about how our software can help to drive your school improvement. Please call 0333 0433 450 (option 2) to speak to one of our sales representatives. Alternatively, we can be contacted via email: info@derventioeducation.com or click here to arrange a demonstration at your convenience.

* Figure excludes VAT and is subject to terms and conditions.

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